Taking Inventory

This Spring has turned our world upside down, hasn’t it?  So many changes all at once.  So many challenges about how to navigate schooling, work, living in masks, and now how to re-enter society.  And crazy enough, I don’t know if I am ready to move on out of this time of a home-bound, restricted, and simpler life.  There have been elements of
“Safe-at-home” that I have loved and will miss once our “normal” pace of life picks back up.


Taking inventory (thank you Rebekah Lyons) can be helpful, especially now…there have been things perhaps we have learned about ourselves and/or our lifestyle through this crazy time and we should not shake the dust off our feet and simply move on.  Let’s take stock of what was good, learn from what we appreciated and name what we did NOT miss while homebound.  We can also name what we have missed and what we long to return to.


Here is my list.  Yours may look different, although according to social media it seems we may have lots in common…banana bread anyone?


What I have appreciated this Spring: 

  1. Baking-my kids making lots of cookies.  Once a week homemade ice cream.  Trying our hand at GF sourdough-have still to nail that.  Sourdough discard muffins and pancakes, however, are a winner.
  2. Family game nights and Friday night movie nights-we finally introduced our kids to some of the Classics like Back to the Future (all 3 of course), The Three Amigos, and Spies Like Us.  Next up-Monty Python.
  3. Long, quiet mornings in my pajamas-and two hours to myself before the kids wake up to do “school.”
  4. Exercising with my kids – so much football and basketball!
  5. DIY projects-projects that I planned 4 years ago.  Finally done!
  6. Spring Cleaning
  7. Creativity in business-wow, never in a million years did I think I would teach music lessons online.  The learned curve was steep but I am so thankful I made the pivot.
  8. Family meals-without the hustle and bustle of work and therapy appointments that cut into our evenings regularly, we could actually have most dinners together as a family.
  9. Not having to drive all over the city on a daily basis.  Can I get an amen?  After driving an average of 400 miles a week for my son’s situation and needs, staying at home all day and only having to drive once a week to get groceries has been a luxury!
  10. Sleep.  I know that 5:30am alarm for my husband will resume come August 1 when he reports back to school, but this Spring has for the most part been alarmless, and has given us much needed rest and restoration.
  11. Yep, this list goes to 11.  Spinal Tap, anyone?  I miss my music students!!!  I miss having them in my home and building relationships with them.  My music instruction is more than just running through their pieces.  It is being a part of their inner circle of trusted adults, it is being a safe place for them to express their creativity, it is a place they can experience struggle and success without judgement.


What I won’t miss when we return to “normal:”

  1. An all day connection on Zoom
  2. An all day connection to my kids
  3. An all day connection to my house. No place to go except quick errand for fear of having to use someone else’s bathroom. Truly, the bathroom is a huge issue for me!
  4. Not being able to see my parents on a regular basis. 
  5. Lack of in person connection with friends and family. 
  6. An empty calendar-nothing to rush out the door to.


And a short list of what I have missed:

  1. Coffee shops, bakeries, local tea spot.  I really love having a change of scenery, sitting down with a friend or with my computer and enjoying hanging out with a good cup of Earl Grey tea or Golden Latte.
  2. MOPS Meetings and in person Bible studies. I cannot wait to get back to my girls!
  3. Happy hour at my parent’s house. And now they have an outdoor fireplace!
  4. My kids in school at a remote location.  You might have to read that sentence twice.  Yes, I have found I am not a homeschool parent.  I like shipping my kids off..but also, they have found they miss their friends and like being away from home.  Win win!
  5. Variety in my day.  I crave variety and creativity.  Maybe chaos?  I like encountering different people, places and situations during my week.  I did not know that about myself until this Spring!
  6. The gym-my people there, the treadmill (so that I can watch Netflix!), weights class, the sauna and massage chairs.

What do your lists look like?  What will you keep from this Spring in your routine?  What are you excited to get rid of?  What do you miss?  I would love to hear from you!  Drop a comment below to connect.


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