Easter Reflections

    Besides when my kids were little and Easter Egg hunts were the cutest thing in the world, Easter Day did not seem too different than any other Sunday. I suppose COVID-19 exasperated the monotony of the day, and the lack of desire to actually go out and SHOP for anything Easter related.  Although I suppose Zoom makes it unique and special??

    Yet, for me, the day always brings me to a place of reflection.

    Easter, for me, means today is not the end of the story. Tomorrow is not the end of the story.  COVID-19 is not the end of the story.  There is more to coming. A entire life beyond the hardship, tears and struggles this life offers. Jesus offers us joy now in the midst of brokenness, and ALSO offers us the hope and certainty of a new and perfect life beyond this one.

    Our family has lived through moments no family should ever have to experience. And the common thread that has carried me through it all is faith in a God who loves me enough to sacrifice his own son. For me. For my good. God is always at work. For my good.
    He is a good and faithful God.

    Does Easter bring you to a place of reflection?  How have you seen God’s goodness in the last year?  Where do you struggle the most to see God’s goodness in the midst of hardship?

    My sincere hope for you, my reader, is that you can experience the peace and joy and certainty of hope that God offers today.

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