Welcome to my studio!

Offering Piano, Guitar and Ukulele Lessons to all ages in Littleton, CO.

Making lifelong musicians and lovers of music! 

  • Pre-Piano classes for ages 2-5 yr. olds
  • Age group based group lessons for beginning and intermediate level students
  • Adult lessons for even the "Hobbyist," or Recreational Music Maker
  • A Variety of Styles taught, including Classical, Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz
  • Off-bench theory games, improvisation and creative learning methods
  • Positive and nurturing environment

"Davina has gone out of her way to make sure her students receive the best lessons possible.  My son loves having her as his guitar teacher and he loves his lessons." ~Candy

"Ms. Perret is well-rounded, talented, music instructor. My three children have taken piano from her and she has exposed them to music competitions, theory, classical through modern/contemporary pieces, duets, chords, and worship music. "  ~Erin

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